CFO Anywhere has an extensive list of clients that offer a wide range of many different types of businesses and services.  Read below to see what people have to say about CFO Anywhere.  Feel free to click on a website to view some of our client’s websites.  In addition, please feel free to contact any of the principals of these companies in regards to the superior service CFO Anywhere provides.

“Chris Greco, owner of CFO Anywhere, has made the difference in our companies from going along on a seemingly right path, to being on a mission of accomplishing and achieving the goals that we set for ourselves. Chris is a hands on leader, is patient, and recommends great strategies for solving problems. His ability to see through the fog and bring us to the light is a crucial asset for us.

We started with Chris in the beginning with just reconciling our accounting books. Then, as he quickly got that task under control, we started rolling the rest of his abilities into our plans. He set up goals and put strategic plans in place to achieve those goals. He analyzes and communicates with our insurance companies, bankers, and lawyers to make sure that we are always on the right path. He also is great with our employees and works hand in hand with them to work through problems, whether in the office, or remotely. The biggest plus is that he’s always there when you need him. He and I communicate almost every day to plan both short term as well as mid to long term goals.

CFO Anywhere is a full service company able to help on the smallest of levels all the way through to the largest ones. Having Chris in our corner has given me more comfort and piece of mind to concentrate on the future of our companies. I’m a huge fan of Chris and his abilities. We have become friends over our business relationship, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone who needs to get on a different path and get your company focused and moving in the right direction.” – Dale Patti, The Patti Group and GO! Transportation; Lemont, IL  http:/pattigroup.com

“Chris Greco was the CFO for both of my automobile dealerships for over 5 years.  Continuing to grow my own business on my own, it was imperative that I retain the services of CFO Anywhere.  Chris was able to show me the importance of working on my business, and not always in my business.  Leadership, honesty, and integrity are qualities that cannot be taught, and Chris has proven he has all of these.  Chris is able to lead others and implement systems and processes that have proven to work, all leading to necessary change for the betterment of the company.  His attention to detail is flawless and his ability to listen makes a great difference in his leadership qualities. Chris’ greatest quality is dissecting problems, pinpointing different resolutions to solve the problem, and then implementing the solution.  Chris was able to execute ideas and make changes that reflected positively on our bottom line.  He understood the importance of what it takes to make a company profitable and taught me the importance that saving pennies eventually turns into saving dollars.  Our employees were comfortable in sharing ideas with Chris because they trusted and respected him which allowed us to have an open dialogue among the departments and lead to greater positive change.  Chris’ concentration and efforts always put the company first, while at the same time his business approach can establish a whole new culture for any business or service.” – Bill Nuccio, Auto’s By Bill Nuccio; St. Charles, IL http://autosbybillnuccio.com

“My company has been using CFO Anywhere since 2008 and Chris Greco has played a vital role to our company’s financial health and success.  Chris first began with the task of reconciling our accounting books and it has evolved into a business partnership that has allowed our company to achieve new heights.  Chris has literally saved our company tens of thousands of dollars.  He diligently researches and negotiates our contracts and leases,   coaches, advises, and strategizes on banking, financing, and employee decisions, and reviews monthly financial statements and recommends ideas to improve the company’s bottom line.  My general accounting before Chris was handled by a part-time “QuickBooks trained” bookkeeper.  The difference with Chris is that he doesn’t just punch in numbers, but he scrutinizes each transaction as if it was his own business using his own money.  This relationship allows a small business owner like me to peacefully sleep at night knowing my business is constantly being monitored by Chris and that his recommendations are made solely in the best interest of my company.  With CFO Anywhere at the financial and operational helm of D’aprile Realty, we have been able to focus our time on what we do best, which is sell real estate.  Our market share has grown, our sales are up in a down market, and we have become very profitable during Chris’ tenure. This would not have had happened without our teaming up with CFO Anywhere.” – Ryan D’Aprile, D’Aprile Properties; Chicago, IL http://daprileproperties.com

CFO Anywhere helps keep my business focused and organized.  This allows me to make timely, well thought out decisions that are backed by real data and discussions with Chris.  I would say CFO Anywhere is a profitable luxury for any business owner to have.” – David Hanley, SliceTruck; Los Angeles, CA http://slicetruck.com

“As a startup company that designs applications for mobile platforms such as the iPhone and iPad, we needed a dynamic team member that had the skills and knowledge to lead a company.  Chris has been instrumental in the success of my company Fig1. He manages my accounting and payroll perfectly and has provided us with excellent advice and guidance regarding business plans, presentations, price analysis, and general business advice.  Not only has he filled our CFO position as a low cost alternative to a full time employee, he has also generated sales using his strong network of connections. I don’t know where we would be without CFO Anywhere.” – Jim Figliulo, Fig1 Brand Studio; Chicago, IL http://fig1brandstudio.com

CFO Anywhere has been very helpful to my business.  Chris Greco has allowed me to spend more of my time on producing and growing my company and less time dealing with the small stuff.  Chris not only takes care of my accounting, payroll, and tax preparation, but he also helps with growth ideas.  CFO Anywhere is very trustworthy and always has my best interest in mind.  Thank you Chris for your hard work and I look forward to many more years ahead.” – Archie Vetter, Midwest Lending Corp.; Chicago, IL http://midwest-lending.com